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Shenzhen Getian Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Getain Future Generation Flip Chip 300W White LED
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Product: Views:104Shenzhen Getain Future Generation Flip Chip 300W White LED 
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Last updated: 2017-10-15 17:04

Shenzhen Getain future generation flip chip 300w white led
the newest design 
quick to install 
anti-dust cover 
last 50000 hou 

2015 Newest Flip Chip 300W COB LED Module for Stage Light
Flip chip Technology, new!
Advanced in world, first in China!
More unique features all in one!
1 alloy welding method, dead light possibility falling by 90%
2 Aluminum Nitride substrate instead of copper substrate, separation of heat and electricity conductivity and higher thermal conductivity.
3 small lighting area, high luminous density
4 patented phosphor recipe, stable color temperature and no drifting
5 equipped with temperature sensor, precise temperature control
6 easy to install with a straight plug
7 easy to keep the lighting surface clean with anti-dust design
Shenzhen Getian Opto-Electronic Co.,Ltd is a professional LED manufacturer with a history of 10 years, specializing in high power led, smd led, led power supply and led shell fittings. After ten years' devotion to led field and development, it has built its name as the first-class led manufacturer and obtained tens of patent. Now it has a place in led field in China and ranks top 10 led manufacturer in China. During the previous decade, Getian undergoes up and down but still stands its ground. It has its success secret.
National Hi-Tech Enterprise
China Top 50 LED Enterprise
China Famous Brand
Shanghai Expo Exhibition Enterprise
Shenzhen LED industry association member units
Shenzhen Huanggang Chamber of commerce council member
Hubei province chamber of commerce in guangdong province XiShui branch
Product Lines: High Power LED (1-3W, 360-850nm, CRI up to 95, up to 150LM/W) RGB, R, G, B, Y
LED COB/Module (1-500W, CRI up to 90, up to 120-130LM/W)
SMD LED (3528, 2835, 5050, 3030, 5730, 0.06-1W, CRI up to 90, up to 120-130LM/W)
LED Driver, LED Lamp Shell Fittings. (Bulb Light, Spot Light, Flood Light, Down Light)

Led street light, led flood light,led tunnel light,led down light,led bulb,led wall washer,led underwater light...
GETIAN High Power LED Material Introduction & Comparison

Getian/ Reliable Products Bridgelux /Epistar
Getian has got certificate of Authorization from Bridgelux and Epistar. Build strategic partnership with Bridgelux. 
High reliability.

Others/Poor Quality Products

Other brand/ fake Bridgelux & Epistar

Fake chips cost much less. A huge price gap.The actual power is much lower than claimed.(eg:100w usually 70w actual.)Shorter life span with great light decay.
Notes Fake chips lack reliability. Be cautious especially when using outdoor. Hard and costly to maintain.

Silica gel

Getian/ Reliable Products
Intermatix/ patented recipe and improved technique. Find a best combination of the ratio between phosphor and silica gel. When temperature goes high, phosphor can resist it and keep the CCT value stable and even from different angle.
Others/Poor Quality Products Intermatix/ others (recipe unknown) Color temperature will drift when temp. goes high. CCT not even distributed from every angle.
Notes Our phosphor recipe has been successfully applied for 10 years.
Gold Wire Getian/ Reliable Products
1.2mil 1W / 
1.5mil COB / Purity 99.99%

High purity gold wire has better ductility. Resist high current shock.
Others/Poor Quality Products
1.0mil 1W/ 
1.2mil COB / Al alloy

Easy to break, more likely lead to led failure.
Notes About 80% led failure comes from the break of the gold wire.
BBOS Technique Getian/ Reliable Products Gold wire double attach method and small arc, soldering ball BBOS technique increases reliablity and decreases the risk of the break of gold wire.
Others/Poor Quality Products One time soldering Higher risk of the break of gold wire.
Notes No extra soldering ball or small arc added will cause potential risk of wire soldering point falling off.
Copper Base/ Soldering Pins Getian/ Reliable Products Red Copper/ Copper covered with silver/ PPA (white part) High heat conductivty. Red Copper: 400W/mK
Others/Poor Quality Products Yellow Copper (brass) / Aluminum, Steel Low heat conductivity. Yellow Copper: 100W/mK. Aluminum: 205W/mK. Steel is easy to corrode.
Notes The heat conductivity of red copper is nearly 4 times higher than brass. PPA material has good high temperature resistance
Color Separation Getian/ Reliable Products 2 times Guarantee good color unity. Normal range within + -250K
Others/Poor Quality Products mostly 1 time Wider range or not so consistent.
Notes Phosphor Spraying (first time check); Binning (Second time check.)
Reliability/ Warranty Getian/ Reliable Products 4 years warranty Real Life test report, RoHS, SGS,LM-80 Certification
Others/Poor Quality Products Unknown /
Developing Ability Getian Brand-New flip chip led released. Max power up to 300W. Lighting area 1.4mm². High luminous intensity: 50LM/mm² Strong developing team. Improve current production line. And release new and high-end products regularly.
Others Company Unknown /
First one in China. (Especially for stage light, projector and track light)
More details...

More details for led products,pls contact Setina Wang, 
She will try her best to support you.